PGI (Set2)

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6 Feb 2020

PGI Exam Question

Which type of liability is covered under Personal Liability Insurance?

a) Liability arising from the accidental death of a third-party.

b) Liability assumed by the insured under contractual agreement.

c) Liability arising from the ownership of a building by the insured.

d) Liability in respect of injury/damage arising from any business of the insured.

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    6 Feb 2020

    PGI Exam Question

    Which of the following will be insured under a Packaged Household Insurance policy?

    a) Loss or damage to the property owing to its own fermentation and natural heating.

    b) Loss or damage of property by subsidence and landslip.

    c) Confiscation or requisition of property by order of the government authority.

    d) Loss or damage to the insured’s domestic helper’s clothing.