CACS 2 (Set B)

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8 Apr 2021

CACS 2 Exam Question

A flat yield curve is formed when there is a little or no difference between short and long term yields and this indicates that:

a) investors are unsure about future economic growth and inflation.

b) investors expect sluggish economic growth and lower inflation.

c) investors expect strong future economic growth and higher future inflation.

d) investors expect a higher rate of return when lending money for a longer period of time.


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  • CACS 2 (Set A)

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    8 Apr 2021

    CACS 2 Exam Question

    Which of the following risks are inherent in money market instruments?

    a) Liquidity risk.

    b) Reinvestment risk.

    c) Currency risk.

    d) Default risk.

  • CACS 1 (Set B)

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    8 Apr 2021

    CACS 1 Exam Question

    Which of the following statements is FALSE with regards to a client’s tax?

    a) Covered Entities should ensure that clients acknowledge in writing that they are responsible for their own tax affairs.

    b) Covered Entities can require clients to provide any information relating to their tax affairs.

    c) Covered Entities can only assess the tax-risk profile of the client after completing the onboarding process of the client.

    d) A Covered Person can ask additional questions and verify that the client’s funds are not proceeds from tax crimes.

  • CACS 1 (Set A)

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    8 Apr 2021

    CACS 1 Exam Question

    Enhanced Due Diligence measures should be performed under all of the following situations except where there are:

    a) holdmail service requests from the client.

    b) complex structures involved.

    c) non-face-to-face business relationships.

    d) any tax-related reports from media sources on the client.